What are the best foods to eat? Part 2

Mother Nature Knows Best

For decades now, the mainstream medical community is seeming to be increasingly more focused on treating people with prescribed drugs and antibiotics, claiming to cure all sorts of ailments from sore throat, arthritis, attention deficit disorder, stress/anxiety, not sleeping well to much more serious conditions.  And we, as a society, have become hooked.  The good news is, there are doctors out there who solely focus on food and health.

Food is Strong Medicine

So, to continue looking at what are the best foods to eat…let’s talk about bananas.  Loaded with potassium and electrolytes, bananas have a lot more going for them.  While they’re one of the most portable food to “grab & go”, bananas help lower blood pressure as well as the risk for heart attack and stroke.  I recently read that if you already have high blood pressure, consuming plenty of bananas can help reduce and may even eliminate your need for blood pressure medication. Bananas help prevent placque from sticking to artery walls.  And this is why I have a banana every day.

Some studies say that eating bananas may help with heartburn and indigestion because the banana acts as a natural antacid. Bananas contain pectin which helps with digestion and helps prevent diarrhea.  They may also help treat or even prevent ulcers due to a chemical that kills harmful bacteria while stimulating the production of protective mucus in the stomach lining.

With all that being said, bananas are also a great source of vitamin C, vitamin B6 and folate.

bunch-of-bananas  Buy a Bunch Today

Have a banana for breakfast or take one to work for a mid-morning snack….every day.  If you buy green bananas and can’t wait…put them in a brown paper bag on the kitchen counter to speed ripening.  If they are getting old with spots (you obviously didn’t eat them often enough) just place them in the refrigerator.  The skin will turn black but the banana inside is still good to go.  Or, make muffins and click here for the best moist banana bread ever.  You can always put them in the freezer and make a banana sundae with ice cream, strawberries and whipped cream.  Oh yea.


The next on my list of “superfoods”  are onions.    Love ’em….and not just because they’re healthy. They make every dish you prepare that much better and there is an onion out there for everyone and every taste. Try them all…red, yellow, white, green (scallions), shallots and my all time favorite… the sweet Vidalia. Scallions actually are higher in nutrients, vitamin C and folate than other onions.  Pass the scallions, please…and a little dip.

Onions are thought to prevent cancer by reducing tumor growth and killing harmful bacteria. The sulfur compounds in onions also may help people with asthma and respiratory ailments by clearing their airways. So eat onions…the more the better.

onionsDon’t Skimp on the Onions

Onions are packed with flavonoids, (red, yellow & shallots have the highest levels) they thin your blood, lower cholesterol, prevent hardening of the arteries and prevent heart disease. What more do you need to know? Dice them up, sauté them in a little EVOO and butter and add them to your scrambled eggs in the morning. Add them to your sauces and top homemade pizza with a slathering of onions and garlic. Add red onions to your grilled cheese.  Shallots are loaded with vitamin A which help keep your immune system healthy and aids in healthy vision as we get older.  Do you suffer from night blindness or cataracts?  Add shallots to your diet. A bit stronger tasting than an onion, they’re similar to a combination of an onion and garlic. Add them to your next recipe. You’re gonna love it.

Onion Breath?

While they say, if everyone is enjoying onions…no one will notice the dreaded “onion breath”.  I can attest to this. My husband and I absolutely love garlic and onions…so much that we’re beginning to think we are immune to garlic and seem to always add another clove or two. We’ve always said…if both are enjoying onions or garlic, you cancel each other out.  It does work.  BUT…if you’re hesitant, eat a sprig of fresh parsley.  It helps neutralize the sulfur compounds.

In summary, enjoy onions…lots of them and enjoy the fantastic flavor they give to your cooking.  They are good for you, so eat up.

The next “superfood” I’d like to touch on is the orange…ahhh, the sweet taste of the perfect citrus. Like the banana, the orange is one of the most portable “grab & go” fruits.  Full of fiber and antioxidants, vitamin C, natural sugars for quick energy, the simple orange may help stop heart disease before it starts and helps prevent cancer.



Oranges block free radicals that can cause cell damage, resulting in clogging of the arteries and risk of heart attack, stroke and other cancers. Other benefits of vitamin C are boosting our immune system, fighting cold symptoms and even more important…Vitamin C helps the body absorb iron from food, which is important for women who lose a little iron each month during menstruation.  So, peel an orange tonight while watching your favorite TV show…you’re doing your body good.


To be continued…

I welcome your feedback, shares and comments.  If there is a possible “superfood” you would like me to research, please let me know and I’ll be happy to look into it for you.




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  • Nyla

    I love this post on superfoods! I agree that the mainstream medical community has gotten off track. Like you, I am a working mom with very long commute. It’s so hard to eat healthy sometimes! Your straightforward info makes it easy to know what to shop for. Now II just need to check out your recipes :). Thank you!

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