What are the Best Blueberries to Grow Yourself?

fresh blueberries

Delicious, fresh picked blueberries…


The summer season is in full swing, so let’s get out there and pick some delicious, juicy, organic blueberries.  And…think about planting one or a few of your own blueberry bushes. I’ve done all the research and gathered information on the Best Blueberry Varieties to Grow Yourself.

Speaking of blueberries, click  here to read my recent blog What are the Best Foods to Eat?  Part 6where I discuss the health benefits of this luscious fruit, how & where to pick, freeze and even offer some tasty blueberry recipes I grew up with.

OK…let’s get started… 

Don’t have much space?  No problem…plant a “Jelly Bean” blueberry bush in a large decorative pot on your deck or patio.  It grows full size, plump blueberries on a bush that is only 1-2 feet.  The leaves are red-fringed in color which is very attractive and ornamental.  Grows best in zones 4-8.

Another one for small gardens or a patio is called “Pink Icing“. This bush grows 1 1/2 – 2 feet with dazzling leaves in different shades of pink in the spring.  How beautiful for your Spring garden!  Get ready to pick plump little berries for muffins, pancakes and compote. Grows best in zones 5-10.

Here’s one I’ve had for years…”Blueberry Glaze” which is actually a hedge plant with shiny leaves.  It reminds me of a boxwood but has small, dark blue berries with an intense flavor.  This bush grows 2-3 feet and does best in zones 5-8.

Another choice for zones 5-10 is “Peach Sorbet” which boasts peach-pink foliage in the spring.  This bush would be another beautiful accent when your garden awakens in Spring. This pretty bush will grow 1 1/2 – 2 feet.

And finally, how about a blueberry plant that produces 2 crops…yes, 2! One crop in summer and one in the fall…can’t get any better than that!  I’ve got to get this one, myself…it’s called “Perpetua“. This bush will grow 4-5 feet which is pretty big but perfect if you have the space in zones 4-8.

In closing…

Blueberries are a “superfood” because of their power to lower risk of heart disease, cancer and hopefully stave off Alzheimer’s disease. They are loaded with anti-oxidants and help improve cognitive thinking.

So… grow your own and pick your own…try the delicious recipes I’ve offered in my Part 6 blog mentioned earlier as well as ones you will find in the drop down menu above.  Don’t forget to cover your blueberry bushes with netting to keep birds from eating the fruits of your labor.


As always, I look forward to your feedback and comments. Please leave them below and I hope you will like and share this blog with your friends.  Have a better recipe than one of my favorites? I’m up for the challenge.

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