Thule Urban Glide Jogging Stroller

Price:  $399.99

Dimensions: Folded for transport: 14″x 21″x 34 1/2″

Guarantee/Warranty: Limited Lifetime

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Thule, a Swedish company, has been well known for years as the #1 leader in the outdoor market. Their motto “Bring Your Life” is beautiful and fitting. One of the things I love about this company is they are the main sponsor of RBU, Sweden’s National Association for Disabled Children and adolescents. Thule also makes annual donations of backpacks and school supplies to children in need.

Why the Thule Urban Glide Jogging Stroller?

In a nutshell…it’s an aerodynamic, performance optimized sports stroller.

When your baby arrives, you will be eager to get back in shape, start jogging again and take walks in the park with your precious little one.  The Thule Urban Glide is just what the doctor ordered. Its sleek design makes it easy to fit through doors when shopping and running errands.  The Thule is aerodynamic, providing you with a satisfying walk or off road hiking on just about any terrain. Built for speed, you won’t find a more perfect jogging stroller.

⇒ Thule advises not to run with your jogging stroller until your baby is 6 months old.


  • Lockable swivel front wheel. Simply lock the front wheel to jog or speed walk and leave unlocked for walking and easy maneuverability.
  • Ergonomic height adjustable hand bar
  • Rear suspension for ride stabilization and baby’s comfort
  • Padded seat with vented top which reclines providing a perfect napping experience.
  • The canopy has multi positions and is complete with a view-in window so you can keep an eye on your little one.
  • The stroller collapses for transport and storage when not in use.
  • It’s lightweight at 22lbs
  • Has a 5-point child safety harness and meets the most stringent safety standards
  • The seat itself will fit a child up to 75lbs.  Shoulder height: 14″   Sitting height: 21″
  • On either side of the seat is a mesh pocket that can hold things like a bottle, sippy cup, cleaning wipes, etc.
  • There is a large storage compartment with a water resistant cover. Here you can store supplies like a few diapers, wipes, your purse and your phone.
  • Many accessories are available for your Thule Urban Glide such as a cup and tray holder, mesh cover to keep out insects and harmful sun rays and a car seat adapter for compatible car seats.
  • Thule has premium customer service quickly responding to questions and has great technical support fixing any problem that may arise.


  • Flat tires if using off-road where there are thorns or sharp objects that can puncture the tubes. FIX?  Pick up a container of Slime at the toy store and coat the tires OR stop in at your local bike shop and have tire sealant added.

⇒ Keep the tires between 15-20psi for a nice cushy ride.

  • When jogging, the front tire may not stay locked if you hit a bump (poor wheel alignment) however, Thule will fix this problem.
  • While the seat does recline, it does not lay flat for newborns. Thule recommends waiting until your infant is 3 months old and has developed neck/head control.

In Closing…

The Thule Urban Glide is the top of the line sleek and beautiful stroller. You’re going to love the look of this stroller and its maneuverability.

Pack up that precious baby of yours and head outside for fresh air and exercise. Introduce your child to the out-of-doors. Take a walk through the dog park or around the block. Go jogging while your little one naps to the gentle motion of the stroller. Run errands and go shopping…there’s plenty of room in the storage compartment for any items you may pick up. I highly recommend you purchase a Thule Urban Glide Jogging Stroller and click here for the best place to purchase your own. You’ll be glad you did…and so will your baby.


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14 comments to Thule Urban Glide Jogging Stroller

  • roamy

    Hello Karen
    Thanks for sharing your review on Thule urban Glide jogging stroller.
    If not for anything, the fact that the company sponsors disabled children is reason enough to buy their product.
    I like the fact that the pros much outweigh the cons and even the only con you mention is not too serious, as fixing tires is just so easy.
    The only other con, in my opinion, is the price, at $399.99, this is not cheap.Was looking for a stroller for a friend who enjoys long sunday walks but was not looking to spend so much.Can you advice on something cheaper? preferably from the same company? I like their policy.

    • Karen

      Hi, Roamy…thank you for visiting and thanks for sharing your thoughts and concerns. Unfortunately, Thule does not make a less expensive stroller. There are literally hundreds of models of strollers with prices ranging from $20 to $1200. Seriously. It’s a nightmare for you and your baby to be stuck with a stroller you do not like and when you think about how often it will be used and how long (in terms of years) you’ll be using a stroller with future kids…invest in a good one.

      You want a smooth ride for your child, excellent maneuverability, plenty of storage, an easy-to-use folding mechanism and one that will stand the test of time (& kids).

      The cost of a good stroller can be pretty hefty so look for one that fits the needs of the new mom and not all the bells and whistles that she may not need. More often than not a group of friends or relatives go in together to get the perfect stroller that the new mom is only dreaming about. Good luck with your search and I’d love to hear what you have chosen and why.

  • Chris

    Thanks Karen,
    I do like Thule products but didn’t know about their charity support which is great to hear.
    I have tried a few strollers for jogging but have often found that they are hard to control with one hand. How easy is this stroller to control single handed?

    • Karen

      Chris…thanks for your input. I love supporting manufacturers and companies that give back…it’s paying it (success) forward. To tell you the truth…I have no idea about jogging single handed with a stroller. I imagine if you’re jogging in a straight line it wouldn’t be a problem. This is an interesting question, though, and if there is anyone reading this that has the answer…please let us know.

  • Kristian

    Thanks for this review.

    One of the essential features on any jogging stroller is a height adjustable handlebar. Many come without one and this is likely to lead to back problems for the parent of they are tall.

    The one thing that does appear to be missing from this stroller though is a hand brake for slowing down on hills. Is there an upgraded version of this model that comes with a hand brake?

    • Karen

      Hello, Kristian…thanks for sharing your concerns about jogging strollers. The Thule’s ergonomic handle bar adjusts for shorter people who may be only 4’6″ to moms and dads over 6′ tall, so everyone can walk/jog with no back problems to worry about.

      While there is no hand brake on this Thule or any other Thule model, I haven’t read of many complaints. However, a hand brake would come in handy as your child gets older and heavier If you do a lot of running down hills. it may be a simple procedure for a cycle specialist to fit a hand brake on your Thule. If you go this route, I’d love to hear about it.  Happy running! 

  • Tiffani

    Hey there
    Great review, I think is stroller is a brilliant idea for those moms that love to exercise. My uncle’s wife is pregnant and I’m sure she’d love this as a gift. I’ll be sure to bookmark this and share this with him.
    Why does the baby have to be over 6 months?

    • Karen

      Hi, Tiffani…Congratulations on the new baby coming and thanks for your comments. The baby should be 6 months old before you go jogging with him so he doesn’t get jostled around. He should have neck and head control as the seat doesn’t lay totally flat. I know your uncle’s wife is going to absolutely love, love, love this stroller and I do hope you share my review with him.

  • Arta

    I am looking for the stroller and this one seems to be a great choice. Quite expensive though but with such a long list of different benefits, I guess it is worth the money. However, I am not a fan of three-tires strollers as I live in rural area and there are a lot of off-roads around. I have experienced that it is hard to move around with three tires so I am looking for four-tired strollers. Is this brand offering also four-tired stroller?

    • Karen

      Hello, Arta…thank you for visiting and sharing your comments. Actually the Thule stroller’s price is pretty average. Some strollers can cost over $800 and some as low as around $200. While Thule does not offer a 4 wheel stroller, Graco, a company that I love, has a four wheel stroller for around $350. However, for what it’s worth, in my opinion the Thule jogging stroller is the best for the athletic couple. The front wheel locks in place for jogging off-road and is extremely easy to maneuver in and out of shops while doing errands.

  • Phil

    Hi there,
    Great review and this stroller looks very sleek and streamlined. It has all the functions that someone would need going for a long stroll. The rain protection covers, the carrier basket underneath and I am sure it comes with a wind-blocker sheet also.
    Its great for moms who would like to go for a jog and as you rightly pointed out, it’s very easy to push
    Thanks again and best wishes
    Cheers PB

    • Karen

      Thanks for reading and commenting, Phil. I’m not sure about a wind-blocker sheet but Thule does have a mesh cover that can be bought as an add on. This will keep bugs and insects away from the baby as well as harmful sun rays. A must purchase for sure.

  • otorres2628

    Hey Karen,

    I just came across your site and I happen to own this exact model. This stroller is awesome. The ride is super smooth and the steering is tight. I take my son on short and long runs, and he falls asleep no problem, even on rough terrain. I took it recently to the beach and it rolls through the sand quite well.

    Like the manufacturer suggests, you may need to wait a couple of months before strapping the little one in. I put my guy in at 4 months, and he was just flopping around in it. So I’d say walk them around in it to see how they fit(and react) before going on a full on run. Other than that, as long as your tires are inflated, you can take this thing anywhere.

    • Karen

      Thanks for visiting and leaving your comments. It’s good to hear from someone who owns this jogging stroller and can comment on their personal experience with it. Thule sure makes great products!

      Happy running!

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