What are the Best Blueberries to Grow Yourself?

Delicious, fresh picked blueberries…


The summer season is in full swing, so let’s get out there and pick some delicious, juicy, organic blueberries. And…think about planting one or a few of your own blueberry bushes. I’ve done all the research and gathered information on the Best Blueberry Varieties to Grow Yourself.

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What are the best foods to Eat? Part 5

In Part 5 of “What are the best foods to eat?” …let’s start right off with the legume that can be found in just about every vegetable garden….beans. My husband loves beans…every kind, color, shape and texture. Beans are truly the ultimate “superfood” and should be included in our diets on a regular basis.


What are the best foods to eat? Part 2

Mother Nature Knows Best

For decades now, the mainstream medical community is seeming to be increasingly more focused on treating people with prescribed drugs and antibiotics, claiming to cure all sorts of ailments from sore throat, arthritis, attention deficit disorder, stress/anxiety, not sleeping well to much more serious conditions. And we, as a society, have […]