New Year’s Eve in New England


New Years…a Table 38 perfect holiday.

Whether you’re planning a house full of guests to watch the ball drop welcoming in the New Year with champagne and noise makers or having a quiet evening with a good book, a classic movie and in bed by 10…I’ve got you covered.

Turns out that celebrating New Years is a pretty personal thing.  Some like to have an Open House, inviting neighborhood friends within walking distance…just in case, while others enjoy a quiet evening in front of the television with a great excuse for ordering Chinese take out. And then there are the few that have to work. (Yea…I’m talking about you.)

And there’s always the few who love making New Year’s resolutions while silently knowing that by the third week in January…all will be broken.  Why do we wait for the new year to make resolutions? Who knows…personally, I don’t believe in them.  Want to improve something in or about your life?  Do it when you realize it. You don’t need New Year’s Eve to make that resolution.  I’d love to know the statistics on how many New Year’s resolutions actually were kept and still in effect 12 months later. 

If you are one of those few…I’d love to hear from you.  What was your resolution and how did you stick to it?

For the rest of us….let’s make something amazing for our own New Year’s Eve.  First, check the freezer for leftovers from Christmas.  Take out that leftover roasted turkey and Christmas ham and make a few delicious grilled sandwiches.  A piping hot grilled sandwich with melted cheese and a cold bottle of Corona with a wedge of lemon is a perfect start for a perfect evening.

Hosting a party?  Gotcha covered!

I invite you to check out Appetizers where there are several that will surely  please your guests. I love to serve Great-Gramma’s Swedish Meatballs. Her original recipe can be found under “Meats” in the drop down menu.  As an appetizing finger food, make them “one bite” small and place on a platter with a fancy toothpick inserted in each.  As part of a buffet, make the meatballs larger and make sure you prepare plenty of my Garlic Mashed Potatoes…find the recipe under “Sides” and scroll down to “10 Best Potato Recipes”. It’s worth the trip!

A platter of Fresno Poppers for starters?

Prepare this fantastic “kicked up” appetizer and I bet you won’t be able to eat just one. Slice each pepper in half and remove the seeds. Fill each half with cream cheese and wrap with 1/2 slice of bacon. Bake at 275 degrees for 1 1/2 hours or until the bacon is crisp, turning often.  Pile on a platter and dig in.  If you can’t find Fresno peppers, use Jalapeño chili peppers which start out green and turn crimson red when fully ripe.

Check out my recipe for Christmas Ham, it’s a great “go-to” dish for anytime of the year when serving a lot of people. You can find the recipe under “Meats” in the drop down menu. If you didn’t prepare turkey on Thanksgiving, click here for my Best Roast Turkey…you and anyone you invite over will love it. These two recipes will serve a crowd and you’ll have leftovers to enjoy while watching the games on New Year’s Day…and you won’t have to cook!


You’ll find several delicious suggestions under “Just Desserts” but if you want to keep it ultra simple and varied, there’s nothing wrong with a serving platter of all sorts of different cookies that either you’ve baked yourself or picked up at the local bakery. On New Year’s Eve no one’s going to remember what they had for dessert…trust me.

And on behalf of Table 38…


New Year’s Eve is all about being with the one you love, whether it’s the two of you or a room full celebrating the coming of a new year, bringing with it new hope and new challenges with love, laughter and good food.  So…on behalf of Table 38 I wish you, those you love and those that love and care about you, a very happy and healthy 2016.


3 comments to New Year’s Eve in New England

  • Elizabeth

    Getting Chinese takeout is a tradition I love to this day! That and watching the ball drop with family and friends around. Getting older I don’t feel the need to be out at all. I also find it harder and harder to stay up until midnight. Happy New Year!

  • Anthony

    I am looking to an awesome New Years Eve party here at home as well and best of luck to you in the New year! Your right it is all about being with the ones you love. Looks like there is a ton sweet recipes for us to use on our own party. Thanks again and enjoy 2016!

    • Karen

      Anthony…I invite you to check out my recipes on this site to make your party fantastic…all are easy, easy to prepare and will totally make your party one to be talked about. So much so that I’m asking for your feedback , after your party. Are you game?

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