Just Desserts

After making something amazing today, are you ready for…”That was totally delicious, but uh….what’s for dessert?”.

I’ve got you covered….

Everyone has a weakness for dessert…whether they admit it or not. My recipes and suggestions won’t be elaborate desserts that take precious time to prepare. (Although I may include a few family favorites that do.) Quite the opposite…I’ll share simple and easy desserts that have been known to please.

For example…when in doubt, serve ice cream.  Yes…ice cream.  After a heavy meal, a scoop of a good quality vanilla ice cream topped with fresh fruit such as pear halves drizzled with a decadent chocolate sauce really hits the spot.



Seriously, who doesn’t like ice cream…how about vanilla bean ice cream and strawberries?


Or.. strawberry ice cream with a garnish of fresh strawberries



Or…sliced strawberries and whipped cream









Better yet…a homemade brownie sundae. Simple, but a bit decadent with or without the cherry.







Please check out my recipe Table 38 House Chocolate Sauce and other dessert favorites.



If you have a suggestion or favorite of your own, please leave a comment and let us know. Come back often as I will be adding new recipes and ideas on a regular basis.


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