entertaining-with-delicious-food    Let your appetizers shine.

When entertaining any size crowd or occasion, we want to be known for our warm hospitality and deliciously delightful food.  We open our homes and gardens to neighbors and loved ones with the hope of creating memorable experiences.  Keep it simple. If you are having fun…it’s likely your guests are having fun too.

Create simply amazing appetizers, hors d’oeuvres and  dinner delights for a casual gathering of friends or for the annual house full of guests ushering in the Christmas season.

This site will help you make every item on your menu appetizing and well presented.  Also…I’ll offer entertaining tips for a fabulous gathering and suggestions to get everything accomplished on your “to do” list.


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  • Angieina

    Hi,Karen, I think your site is superb !! so many lovely recipes, and so well organised for finding exactly what you want,makes my mouth water just reading some of the recipes . will be bookmarking your site for future reference. Excellent !

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