Got Traffic?


Comin’ & goin’…slow, distracted inconsiderate drivers, bad driving conditions, time restraints, speed limits and my all time personal fault…road rage. For the most part, we all hate traffic especially when we’ve got someplace to go and someone to see. The worst commute I ever had was an hour and three quarters EACH way…yes, seriously.  Fortunately for me, the position was great as was the salary.


Times have changed, my friends.  Now my commute is a flight of stairs and the only rage I experience is when I notice a new scratch mark left by the cat on my comfy leather chair by the computer. (ARGH…I hate that!)

Traffic today though is welcomed with open arms. We want traffic…we dream about traffic…we CRAVE traffic.  But how do we get it, especially if we’re a new site in the market of a billion quad-zillion sites cropping up every single day?

I Want your Traffic…

Sit back, relax & read my posts, blogs and recipes.  Pick up something new that you didn’t know this morning….perhaps an idea for dinner tonight or for those friends you invited over this weekend.  Let me know what you tried and loved…what you didn’t like and what you’d like to see.

Pass my site along to your friends, neighbors, family, your book club members, the walking group, co-workers, your postman, that good looking guy at the garden center, strangers on the street….the regulars at the re-cycling center.

Having a gathering or party coming up…like the Superbowl? (NE Patriots vs the Carolina Panthers?…fingers crossed!) Check out any of my delicious appetizers and other easy to prepare recipes to create a fantastic party.  If you have something particular in mind, let me know and I will show you how to pull it together…quick and easy.

Lastly… when you read something you enjoy and when you close your eyes you can almost taste it…engage… leave a comment or feedback and please hit “like” and “share” it with your friends.  They’ll be pleased you did…and so will I.




6 comments to Got Traffic?

  • Julie

    Working at home is just the best thing. No internecine office politics, no non-productive committee meetings, no one nicking my sticky note and no commute!

    My special request is for more fish and nut recipes for two wrinkly motor bikers.

    I’m going to join your mailing list and follow you on twitter, fb and g+

    • Karen

      Hi, Julie…love your comments, thank you. I’m new at this and haven’t started using social media yet but I will soon. At your request, I will add more fish recipes to my menu and as far as nut recipes go….Hmmm. Gotta think about that one, but am up to the challenge.

  • pitin

    Hi Karen,

    1 hour and 3/4 of traffic each way is still very good in my opinion hahaha. Sorry! I can’t help but compare it to my previous commute times in manila where I leave home at 5am so that I won’t be late for 10am work. Then I leave work at 10pm and reach home at 2am! Yes! That is the traffic in Manila. haha

    • Karen

      Pitin…Are you serious?!? That is an incredibly nightmarish way to live. I hope you got paid enough to make it worth it. You used the word “previous” so I’m hoping you are working out of your home (by the sounds of your site name). I don’t have any patience with bad drivers and have been known to exhibit road rage on occasion so I can’t even imagine what I’d do with a commute like you had. Probably be in prison haha. Good luck to you and thank you for visiting.

  • vivia

    Such a sweet post. I agree with you that the best commute is up/down the stairs and to replace your cat I have my children making new marks every day 🙂
    Please continue sharing your great recipes with us and I will be glad to pass on those ideas.
    Love and light.

    • Karen

      Vivia…thank you for your thoughtful comments and feedback. I hope you’ll come back often and if you have any special requests, I’m happy to help.

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