Garden Patch Grow Box Review – Easy Home-Grown Produce

Product:  Garden Patch Grow Box GPO1GR-O6 by The Garden Patch

Price:  $39.95

Dimensions:  28″ x 14″ x 12″

Guarantee: 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Best Place To Purchase:

My Rating:  9.5 out of 10

The Garden Patch Grow Box Product Overview

For the easiest, weed-free, self-watering, portable garden that produces the freshest vegetables…get your hands on a Garden Patch GPO1GR-O6 Grow Box.

Before getting into what I like and dislike about this product, I’m going to tell you why my husband and I decided to purchase it in the first place.  We live in New England on 10 acres of land which is mostly woods…or as some would say, forest.  On any given day we can see deer, coyote, Fischer cat, bear, flocks of wild turkeys with their young and even a mountain lion rambling about looking for food and water. It’s great fun to watch the wildlife and how they interact with each other, all by just looking out of any window…and as night falls, we hear them.

We gave up on our vegetable garden located in  the South West part of the yard because the animals thought of it as their own “all you can eat” buffet.  So this past Spring, we purchased the Garden Patch Grow Box and set it up on our back patio, just steps from the kitchen.  We now are enjoying a huge crop of tomatoes and every day 2 to 4 more are ripe and ready to pick.

The Garden Patch GPO1GR-O6 Grow Box arrived within a week and I was very excited to get it set up. All I needed to supply was potting mix and starter plants, so off I went to my local garden center and purchased two little tomato plants…two different varieties, costing me $4.

Why the Garden Patch Grow Box?

In my research, I found other brands of grow boxes at twice the price of the Garden Patch. As I’m new to this whole grow box thing…I consider this my learning summer. At the Garden Patch Grow Box costs $39.95 with free shipping to your door. This is extremely reasonable considering what you’re getting for your money.  The grow box comes with complete instructions on how to set it up, includes specific planting suggestions and even suggestions on where to place it in your yard.


The Garden Patch GPO1GR-O6 Grow Box comes with a nutrient rich soil cover patch and planting guide.  I decided on tomatoes and was a bit miffed that the guide suggested only two starter plants. Just a few months later the same two little tomato plants are over 5′ tall…now I understand. The box, itself, is extremely durable and made with UV protected polymer. It holds 4 gallons of water in the bottom well and 32 quarts pf potting mix in the planter that fits snug on top of the well.

If you want to go organic, I’d suggest putting a 3″ layer of regular potting mix in the bottom of the planter, then a 3″ layer of Black Gold (worm dung) and fill the rest of the planter with potting mix. Omit the soil cover patch altogether (it contains fertilizer) and just moisten the soil to insure the reservoir continues to function, automatically watering your plants.

If you choose to go the organic route, may I suggest egg shells?  To insure the soil has enough calcium for healthy tomatoes, line the holes you dig with pulverized egg shells and mix them in with your potting mix. I’ve already started saving mine in a zip lock bag, stored in the freezer for next Spring. I’ll be all set to go.


There are many. If you live in an area like I do and are tired of picking a tomato just to find that something beat you to it by taking a bite or having your entire crop consumed, the grow box is for you.

If you’re new to gardening, this is a great way to start and you won’t feel overwhelmed.  The grow box is perfect for flowers that will attract butterflies and humming birds. It’s so easy to grow your own lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers.  Feel like a salad tonight? Step out your back door and pick your own freshest of the fresh.

Once you purchase your grow box, you’re all set and ready to garden. It’s very sturdy and will last for years. The company provides lots of extras you can purchase like a trellis, but you can make-shift your own, as we did. You don’t even have to order a new nutrient rich soil cover next Spring if you don’t want to.

The grow box is a wonderful way for people with RA or other physical problems to garden. It literally can open a whole new world for you.  And the grow box can be put on cinder blocks or a sturdy table for those that have difficulty bending over or use a wheel chair.

And…if you are going to be away for a few days, the 4 gallon reservoir will automatically keep your precious plants watered and happy.

Size does matter…

If you live in an apartment or condominium the grow box is perfect for your deck or small patio. It’s ideal for city apartments with access to roof gardens. And if you have no time for a big garden, the grow box is the perfect size and it’s excellent for growing herbs.

And in case you didn’t know… not only are Garden Patch grow boxes made in the USA, they are made by, packaged by and shipped by disabled Americans. Reason enough to support this product and this company.


The Garden Patch Grow Box does not come with wheels so the initial placement is very important. Once it’s filled with the needed 32 quarts of potting mix and 4 gallons of water, it’s almost too heavy to move.

In closing…

I highly recommend ordering your own Garden Patch GPO1GR-O6 Grow Box. I’m so pleased with mine that I intend to order a few more so I can grow my own lettuce, cucumbers and one specifically for herbs. I’m choosing to grow vegetables that are the most expensive to purchase, like tomatoes and peppers. Take a walk around your local Farmers Market and check out their prices.  For the cost of 2 little starter tomato plants of just less than $4, I’m enjoying an entire summer of fresh, home-grown tomatoes every single day. I’m including them in salads, salsa, making tuna salad stuffed tomatoes and adding fresh tomatoes on pizza and in omelets.

One final thought…I’d suggest mixing in a few marigolds around your tomatoes and cucumbers to keep bugs away. I sprayed an animal repellent on the slate around my planter to deter animals from nibbling on my tomatoes. It’s environmentally safe, biodegradable and won’t harm plants or animals….it’s basically like putting hot pepper spray on your bird feeder to deter the squirrels….and the best thing? It’s working.  Not a nibble yet.

I’d also suggest putting in a little piece of “mosquito dunk” in the water well to prevent mosquito larvae.

To pick out your own grow box, click here: Garden Patch GPO1GR-O6 Grow Box.  It was the best bang for my buck and with my first season in full swing….I’m thrilled!

I hope you enjoyed this review and learned something new.  If you have any questions, comments or would like to leave a review of your own, please leave it below.  I welcome your feedback.




18 comments to Garden Patch Grow Box Review – Easy Home-Grown Produce

  • Louise

    This sounds awesome! I can grow my own lettuce, cucumbers and herbs? I promised to become more green fingered this summer and this looks like the perfect way to start. Do you think this is suitable for beginners?
    Thanks for sharing I’m looking forward to trying this out for myself – wish me lick 😐

    • Karen

      Hello, Louise…Yes, the Garden Patch Grow Box is perfect for the beginner! Start with one Grow box and you won’t feel overwhelmed. The size is perfect and you can place it outside your back door in the sun or on a deck. Begin with just a few vegetables or herbs and once you harvest your first tomato or cucumber, you’ll be quite proud of yourself. I guarantee you’ll soon be purchasing a second Grow Box for even more vegetables and herbs. I hope you will let me know what you decide and how successful you are.

      Happy gardening! 

  • Kathy Keith

    Hi Karen,

    Great review! The GrowBox sounds like a great idea for my little backyard. There is grass, but underneath is it almost all rocks, so I can’t even think about planting much. This sounds ideal for me!! Love your site too! Great layout and I like the drinks tab too!

    • Hi Kathy…Thanks for taking a look at the Grow Box review. If you decide to get one, you will not be disappointed. In just 2 grow boxes, I’ve had enough tomatoes for the entire summer…green, orange and red peppers and an over abundance of two different types of hot peppers. I’m ordering 2 more for next summer to plant all my herbs. The cool thing is because they sit on a reservoir of water, you can take off for a few days and not worry about watering.

  • Gina Jarvis

    Nice!! They increased their price to $59.75. You must have increased their sales, so they increased their price! Very diverse website! Great job with lots of info… I’ll make use of the drinks tab! Great for parties!

    • Karen

      Thanks for visiting, Gina. I recently purchased the trellis for one of my grow boxes and in putting it together, I came up short. There was one small piece missing so I called the company and they immediately sent me another entire trellis system at no charge. That is impressive these days. No questions, no charge…perfect customer service that will keep me coming back again and again.

  • Shawn

    I love the Garden Patch Grown Box. It sounds like the perfect fix for a small yard, and a means to get around those pesky ants that never seem to go away. It it large enough to grown a potato plant or two? If not, I’m sure it’ll fit plenty of lettuce, radishes, and herbs. It’s a little cold for tomatoes in this part of the world.

    • Karen

      Hi, Shawn…I’ve never grown potatoes so I don’t know how much space is required. This was my first summer with the grow box and I was so pleased with it, I purchased two more. One I’ll use for herbs and the other for lettuce. I’ve always had problems with wildlife taking bites out of my vegetables, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries which is one reason I wanted to try the grow box. It sat on my back patio which is slate. I sprayed an animal repellent, called Repels-All, on the slate around the base of the grow box and it solved the animal problem. As far as ants go, try Home Defense by Ortho. Spray it on the ground around the grow box to create a bug barrier. Every spring we spray around the entire perimeter of the house and never have an ant problem inside so this should work for you.

      Thanks for checking out the grow box and I’d love to hear how your season goes.


  • Larry

    Wow, great review. I have a good sized suburban lot and last season experimented with some raised beds, but really struggled with the moisture level. I’ll probably try them again this year, but may get one or two of these as well just to see how they do. Looks like a pretty easy to use, simple concept that produces some pretty good results. Exciting!

    • Karen

      Hi, Larry…thanks for your feedback. What I love about the grow box is that they are self watering which takes out all the guess work AND if you’re away for a few days, you don’t have to have someone come over to water if it doesn’t rain.

  • Jesse

    Great review on garden patch grow box for easy home grown produce. I’ve been growing different vegetables for many years already indoors with growing tent and this review gave good insight on garden patch grow box. Although one question came to my mind. Do you think this product has a better alternative from some other brand? I’m thinking on investing on this but if there is a better option I’d really love to know about it. Thanks a lot for writing this out and hope to hear from you soon!

    • Karen

      Hi, Jesse…There are other self watering containers out there but I like the size of this one. I have two tomato plants that are at least six feet tall in one grow box. I’m picking at least 2-4 ripe tomatoes every day and there are probably 15 green tomatoes ripening. So, to answer your question…there are other alternatives but I’m extremely satisfied with the Garden Patch Grow Box, so much so that I’ll be buying two more for next spring. It holds enough water that I’ve been able to be away for 4 days at a time without having to worry about lack of watering. It’s also self fertilizing and comes with a planting chart so you can’t screw up. If there IS a better alternative, I’d like to know about it.

      Hope this helps…good luck, Karen

  • Jason

    Excellent article , and just in time.

    My Dad and I have been working on “remodeling” his own yard on and off for the last year. We’re just about through, but one thing he really wanted was a garden, so we have had that in place already.

    Problem is, after the veggies we had going, were getting picked off by what I believe to be is rodents. Never caught the culprit lol.

    So we built a raised platform and started all over. Same issue, I’m almost sure its rodents, tricky little fellas.

    I would like to see him have his garden, can this item keep it safe?

    • Karen

      Hello, Jason…it’s a battle between us & “them” haha. Does your Dad have a deck or patio? This is where I would place a Grow Box. I had the same problem with rodents eating my fruits and veggies in my big in-ground garden. Since I started the Grow Box on my back patio, I haven’t been bothered at all and I pick beautiful tomatoes every day. Perhaps it’s because it’s close to my back door. As mentioned in my article, I did spray a safe rodent deterrent around the base of the grow box…just around the base, to deter animals and it’s worked. I don’t know how it would work around a big in-ground garden though….you’d probably have to use a ton.

      If you find this works for him, I’d love to hear about it. Good luck,


  • Vicky

    Thank you for the article. It was really easy to read. What a great ideal “Garden Grow Box”. I live in Oklahoma on 5 acres where there are lots of critters roaming around. Do you know if you can reuse the box? I have several herbs I would love to be able to grow. Do you keep yours indoors?

    • Karen

      Hi, Vicky…as you read in my review… we have a TON of critters here in New England, too. This particular Grow Box will last for years because of the way it’s made….extremely sturdy and solid. I’ve had such good luck with it and the friends that I’ve recommended it to are pleased and happy as well. The only thing I’d suggest is spraying the animal repellent around the ground that the grow box sits on. It works like a charm. If you want the brand name, let me know.

      Do me a favor and let me know of your success with the grow box. As far as having the Grow Box indoors….that would not work out for the average gardener as it has to be in the sun. BUT you can grow annuals, herbs and any perennial you love. I’d love to hear about it and it may give me ideas for different plantings of my own.


  • Elizabeth

    I live in a townhome in the southeast and the summers are extremely hot and we either get downpours every night or go weeks without any rain. Anything I have ever planted in a pot never lasts more than a few months because it’s either overwatered or dries out because of the heat no matter how much I try and water it. This seems to give me hope! It literally sounds too good to be true. I always try to keep up to date with your recipes and blog posts, and now your product reviews. I’ve learned to really use you as my go-to for — really anything. I trust your opinion and can’t wait to get my grow box. Does it matter what time of year you can start planting?

    • Karen

      First…I’d like to thank you for your feedback and generous comments, they’re most appreciated.
      I live in New England so purchased my grow box in the Spring as soon as the fear of frost was over. In the Northeast, we typically don’t plant anything until early May. Not familiar with the Southeast, I’d inquire about planting times at your local garden center. Start with one grow box and try tomatoes and peppers, which I’m having great luck with. Once you have a successful season you may want to purchase a second grow box for herbs or cucumbers.
      Good luck and thank you for regularly visiting my site!

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