Seasons of New England Part 4

Spring Spring announces its arrival in New England…or so the calendar says!

Finally old man winter is in the rear view mirror and warmer weather (hopefully) is just down the road. Pour a cup of tea and curl up in your favorite chair by the fire…you’ve come to the right place. I’m about to share […]

What are the benefits of extra virgin olive oil?

Explore the Healthy World of EVOO

Most of us cooks use olive oil every day in some capacity. But have you ever asked yourself, what are the benefits of extra virgin olive? Most extra virgin olive oil is loaded with health benefits. Simply put, it’s packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. It’s low in cholesterol […]

How to Host the Perfect Baby Shower

Definition: To “shower” the new mom-to-be with gifts.

A baby shower is the gathering of friends and family in celebration of a brand new life coming into the world. It’s like an initiation into a new phase of life…motherhood. Adding an additional role to the new parents existing one.

It’s a loving […]

Seasons of New England Part 2


It’s New England fall foliage season, at last. Labor Day has come and gone, kids are back in school and the leaves are quickly changing color. The days are getting shorter and the nights are cooler. Trees are exploding with vibrant colors of yellow, gold and red. Tourists will come and take pictures to […]

Best Organic Foods to Buy & Which to Avoid

Or…Serious Food for Thought

Are there certain foods you should always buy organic?

I’ve gone back and forth on this topic for ages. Is eating organic healthier? Is it cost effective?

Sure, the premise of eating organic and the whole “green thing” sounds super healthy and in vogue right now but before you […]

Seasons of New England Part 3


While ushering in winter is exciting at first, by the end of February us northerners have had enough of ice, snow, cold temps and occasional power outages (and I include my husband in that group along with this golf buddies). BUT first and foremost, let’s celebrate winter and the coming of a new year…new […]

Seasons of New England Part 1

How does that song go…”Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer. Those days of soda and pretzels and beer…” A catchy little song that Nat King Cole sang beautifully so many years ago.

Summer…it took awhile but it’s finally here with beautiful long days of sunshine and soon the dreaded humidity.


What are the Best Blueberries to Grow Yourself?

Delicious, fresh picked blueberries…


The summer season is in full swing, so let’s get out there and pick some delicious, juicy, organic blueberries. And…think about planting one or a few of your own blueberry bushes. I’ve done all the research and gathered information on the Best Blueberry Varieties to Grow Yourself.

Speaking of […]

What are the Best Foods to Eat? Part 6

In Part 6 of “What are the Best Foods to Eat?” let’s talk about one of my summer favorites…blueberries. It’s July and that means it’s National Blueberry Month.

Take advantage of this delicious and healthy summer treat while you can. Seek out local “pick your own” blueberry farms where no one will […]

Health Benefits of Sea Salt vs Table Salt

Not All Salt Is Created Equal

When was the last time you gave salt a thought? It’s on every table in every restaurant, in every kitchen pantry and it’s in every processed food item we consume. Salt is the most essential ingredient in just about every dish we prepare…it adds a delicious depth of […]

4 Easy Steps to the Perfect Edible Garden

From your garden…to your table.


While Spring is the season for fresh ideas…Summer is the season to enjoy the fruits of our labor. This year, grow, harvest and eat your own homegrown, organic fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Knowing I can step outside my door and pick salad fixings for lunch or dinner gives me […]

How to Pack More Color in Your Dinner Tonight.

This spring…think about the color purple.


For starters… Beetroot Hummus

1 lb beets 1 15oz can cannellini beans, drained and rinsed 2 Tbls fresh squeezed lemon juice 1/4 cup tahini (sesame seed paste) 1 Tbls horseradish sauce 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil 2 Cloves garlic, chopped Chopped fresh parsley


Trim, scrub and […]

How to Save the Monarch Butterfly from Sure Extinction

King of the Butterflies…the Monarch

The reason I’m writing this blog is to bring awareness to the plight of the monarch, a very serious situation and ask for help to prevent the extinction of this harmless and beautiful little creature. Sadly, their numbers have decreased by 90% over the past 20 years.

Let’s start […]

Spring is the Season for Fresh Ideas

And…Spring Fever!

Spring is finally arriving here in New England and it’s time to get serious and plan for this season’s bounty of summer edibles. Close your eyes and visualize picking your own homegrown organic vegetables-like summer squash, zucchini, cucumbers and tomatoes. Last summer I had the most delicious sweet peppers ever, so I […]

A Sweet Valentine’s Day Gift for the Heart

This is for all you hopeless romantics…the guy that sends his wife the customary dozen red roses paying 4 times more than he would any other day OR ordering that stupid 5 foot Teddy bear that somehow the idiot on the TV commercial thinks he’s going to ‘benefit’ from it.

Don’t get me wrong…no one […]

How to Turn a Cold Winter Day into AWESOME

It’s the middle of winter and cold outside… Time to get off the couch and turn a cold winter day into something awesome.

One thing I won’t recommend doing is starting a project in the house such as removing wallpaper and painting…learned that the hard way (thank you, Chelsea). It’s better to wait until […]

Got Traffic?


Comin’ & goin’…slow, distracted inconsiderate drivers, bad driving conditions, time restraints, speed limits and my all time personal fault…road rage. For the most part, we all hate traffic especially when we’ve got someplace to go and someone to see. The worst commute I ever had was an hour and three quarters EACH way…yes, seriously. […]

New Year’s Eve in New England

New Years…a Table 38 perfect holiday.

Whether you’re planning a house full of guests to watch the ball drop welcoming in the New Year with champagne and noise makers or having a quiet evening with a good book, a classic movie and in bed by 10…I’ve got you covered.

Turns out that celebrating New […]

Christmas is Coming…


Wishing you a very Merry Christmas season where ever you hang your hat. Christmas is global and touches everyone of us in one way or another. Regardless of our beliefs or whatever our age, the child in us is a believer in the magic and wonder of Christmas….just ask any child what the meaning […]

A New England Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving here in New England. We’ve been blessed with beautifully warm sunny days and cool evenings…perfect for sleeping. Admittedly, I have a love/melancholy relationship with this time of year. While it saddens me a bit to close up the gardens and tuck away patio furniture, there are so many things to love about fall […]