Best Homemade Cranberry Sauce


For Thanksgiving this year, or the next time you roast a turkey, avoid the typical canned cranberry jelly that stays in the shape of the can.  Kick it up to another level and make your own delicious, aromatic cranberry sauce laced with citrus and honey. It takes just minutes, is so simple to prepare and it’s a great accompaniment for turkey dinner or to top turkey sandwiches after Thanksgiving dinner.



May I suggest…

  • Add a warm dollop to a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
  • Or top off your morning-after-the-night-before pancakes


  • 1/4 Cup orange juice
  • 1/4 cup cranberry juice
  • 1 Cup honey
  • 1 Bag fresh cranberries


  • Over medium-high heat, bring to boil the orange juice, the cranberry juice and the honey.  Reduce to medium-low heat and simmer for 5 minutes.
  • Add a bag of fresh cranberries, picking out any stems.
  • Cook 10-15 minutes, stirring occasionally.  NO MORE!!!  They should be bursting at this point.
  • Allow to cool.  You can slightly hand mash if you prefer.
  • Serve warm and refrigerate any leftovers.
  • You can sprinkle a dash of the orange peel zest over the top if you prefer.

⇒This makes a lovely dish to bring if you are invited as a guest to dinner.



Things my parents taught me. “Good enough…is never good enough.”

My father expected hard work and instilled moral and ethical values in each of us.  He wanted us to be the best we could be, 100 percent of the time.  While at times it seemed harsh, he wanted each of us to achieve our greatest potential.

I wasn’t too much interested in certain high school classes…why would I ever have the need for trigonometry?…and my parents never got tired of giving the same old lecture of how I was just not trying as hard as I should and I should strive to be more like my older brother.  It’s OK…I earned a BA and a graduate degree and did pretty well for myself.

Every evening after dinner, I’d quickly disappear to my room.  Sitting at the desk my father built for me, I’d write for hours…mostly short stories.  My younger brother, Brian, was my favorite source of ideas.  After kisses and being tucked into bed, Brian, in his feety pajamas would creep down the hallway to my room and we’d have great conversations.  He possessed quite a vivid imagination and I’d listen endlessly to imaginary tales of wild and dangerous escapades…of people and things that existed only in his remarkable imagination.

After a final “tuck in”, I turned the enchanting ramblings of that five year old little boy into captivating tales; hiding page after page of writings in my desk drawers…folded stories tucked away…that no one would read.

When I went away to school and my younger sister claimed my room as her own, my writings disappeared…thrown out I’m guessing, along with my Bob and Suzette dolls…Barbie and Ken had taken over.

Long story short, I eventually became quite competitive and successful in many aspects of my life so I guess my father taught me well…work hard, be the best you can be and never settle for just…”good enough”.


As always, I look forward to your feedback and comments, below.

This serving bowl would give your Homemade Cranberry Sauce a beautiful presentation…and it’s on sale.

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