And Baby Makes 3

As you know, my motto is “Make something amazing today!” and you surely did.

Congratulations…you’re having a baby! Or perhaps you are thinking about having a baby…either way, I’ve got you covered. Planning is great…preparation is crucial. The more you plan and prepare for the life changing journey you’re about to embark on, the easier it will be for the two of you. If you’ve been thinking and planning when to start your family, you’ve probably been exercising and eating healthy to prepare your body for its most important job…growing a healthy little person. And, let’s not forget, the more prepared your body is the quicker it will be to get your pre-pregnant self back. More on this topic later.

There’s much happiness and joy in my family as we are having a baby as well. My daughter, a Christmas baby, is having a Christmas baby of her own.  Receiving this wonderful anticipated news sent my husband and I over the moon with excitement. I take that back…I was immediately excited while my husband’s reaction was more like George Banks (Steve Martin) in the movie Father of the Bride Part 2. Our baby girl who grew up playing Barbies, riding horses and playing golf every weekend with her dad…now having a baby of her own. It was tough enough sending her off to college 860 miles away and then there were the tears of joy at her most perfect wedding…happy tears shared with melancholy tears of our little girl being all grown up.  So, here we are and there’s no time to waste…so much to do!

If you haven’t already bookmarked this site, please do and come back often to this Menu segment. I will be writing baby blogs and adding healthy recipes for you and your baby. You will also find on-going product reviews on all sorts of baby products and other items new parents can’t live without. I’ll do the research saving you time and money.

Again…congratulations. The next several months are going to fly by so hold on to your seat and hope for smooth sailing.


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