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Tired of giving the same answer when asked “What’s for dinner?” or how about the dilemma of what to prepare for guests you just invited over for dinner on Saturday?  You’ve come to the right place.

I have been planning and preparing meals for over 40 years now.  Some great…some not so great.  As a full time working mom with a long commute, it was always important to me to create a delicious but easy dinner Monday through Friday. But it didn’t stop there.  Weekends were taken up with typical household chores, yard/garden work, shopping, errands, the dogs, driving to golf lessons, practice and following our daughter around golf courses all over the country as she competed in Junior tournaments.  So…weekend meals and entertaining friends over dinner and cocktail parties had to be deliciously special indeed but also easy to prepare without spending precious hours in the kitchen.

One thing I do that saves me hours of time is shopping online.  I’m a regular customer of Amazon.com where I always find all sorts of great deals and don’t have to drive anywhere.  Life gets hectic at times with busy schedules and little spare time.  It’s easy to occasionally feel frustrated and overwhelmed.  This is the reason I created this site…to help make life just a little bit easier for those who love to make something amazing for their family and friends.

Home – where life slows down and worries are checked at the door.Home

Whether you’re fixing a quick bite for the two of you, a weeknight dinner for your family or preparing a holiday party for a crowd…you’ll have plenty of scrumptious recipes here to choose from.  Some of these undoubtedly will become prized “go to” recipes that you prepare again and again.

I will share my family’s favorite comfort foods, recipes and much more. I will even share my personal experiences with you so you can avoid the mistakes I’ve made (and there are many). To me, the best part of cooking is the creative part…if I enjoy a fantastic meal in a restaurant, I try to create it in my own kitchen.  Try new flavors and different spices.  The worse thing that can happen is you don’t make it again.  The best thing that can happen – you’ve just made something amazing.

In closing, I hope to capture your interest and look forward to your feedback, opinions, suggestions or anything you’d like to share back with me. Have a question?  I’ll help you find the answer. Simply leave your comments below.  I invite you to read my blogs and maybe pick up something new and interesting that you were unaware of. Periodically, I’ll be publishing posts on interesting topics. Archive posts can be read by clicking on “Posts” in the upper right hand corner.  Make sure you visit my site regularly as I’ll always be updating it with new recipes, stories and other helpful information that I know you will find interesting.

Poet, Patricia Smith once said,  “If you have a story to tell, the most important thing is the story, not the form you use to shape it.”.

If  you are using an iPhone, click the blue icon at the top of your screen and scroll down to check out my recipes, lots of interesting and informative blogs, product reviews as well as my new baby blogs to help get ready for the big event.

So, a week night dinner, holiday party or just when you’re asked “What’s for dinner?”  you can say…”You’re gonna love it!”



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  • Veli

    I like the idea that brought you to the good niche about recipes. Cooking is crutial need in life
    so that there can be food on the table for family members,Most woman to love prepare food based
    on recipes various recipes. I think people gonna love to read important information on your article
    and you will get more audience to your site. Best wishes with your online business.

    • Thank you for visiting, Veli. I hope you and your family will try some delicious recipes and let me know how you like them. If there is something in particular that you’d like to know how to prepare, let me know and I will try to help figure it out.

  • Merlin

    Hey, Karen! Great site & fantastic recipes! Since I’m cooking passionately, I’ll definitely come back from time to time to steal some ideas (and/or to impress my girlfriend haha). Keep up this good work.


    • Thank you for visiting, Merlin. I love that you are passionate about cooking…perhaps we can trade some recipes. If there is something special you want to prepare for your girlfriend, let me know and I’ll help you the best I can.

  • Robert Allan

    Ok Karen you have never cooked Haggis.
    What about – ‘Sheeps Heid’ or ‘Potted Heid’?.
    I’m thinking your recipes are a bit too ‘Fancy’ for me lol.
    Have a great day.

  • Hello Karen.
    Unfortunately I don’t get much of a chance to take the time to prepare a meal for myself (I live on my own).
    However I have been involved with cooking most of my adult life.
    Most of what I learned was from my granny and mother.
    Most of the meals where really made from what I could find and I used plain Scottish fare with most coming out of the garden or from the land.
    I did a lot of experimenting along the way as well.
    It was plain but filling you might say lol.
    I have to ask – have you ever cooked Haggis?
    Really scrummy when done the right way.
    I enjoyed your blog and I’m sure plenty of other visitors to your site will as well.

    • No, I’m very happy to say, I’ve never cooked Haggis. I love sheep and wouldn’t have the heart (no pun intended) to make a meal of ones’ innards. I’ll leave that to you. Who ever came up with that idea anyway? I’ve never seen prepared Haggis in grocery stores here in the states, but know it’s popular in the UK as well as being your national dish.
      Thank you for visiting and hope you will come back often…if not to try a recipe, perhaps to read some informative and interesting blogs.

  • Jessie

    HI Karen. Great Blog. Enjoyed to reading it. Will come back to your site for sure. Thank you.

  • Mickey Brundege

    I love it! My choice for most meals is comfort foods and I know you have a special place in your heart for them too!


    • Hello, Mickeyb…thank you for visiting and I hope you’ll come back often to try some of my delicious comfort recipes. And…I invite you to check out my blogs which cover very interesting and informative topics I know you’ll enjoy reading and sharing.

  • Angela Moore

    OMG! Yes, that is a question I ask, my daughters and the grandkids. What is for dinner. Raising five daughters with different tastes, It was one of the hardest questions every day. I went ahead and bookmarked your website because I will be here for some good recipes constantly. I am glad I found your site. Thanks

    • Karen

      Angela…thank you for your lovely comments. I cannot imagine having 5 daughters, all with different tastes. Clothes shopping must be an adventure!
      The next time you’re asked to make cookies but want to try something a bit different, try my Buckeye Truffles recipe which you can find in the “Just Desserts” drop down menu. I grew up with these and the girls and grandkids will have fun making them AND you don’t have to bake anything. The perfect dessert/snack for the summer. Decadent presentation and addictively delicious…betcha can’t eat just one!
      Let me know how the girls like them and if there is something special you’d like to know how to prepare, just let me know and I’ll do my best to find out.

  • Fred

    Great blog Karen, My wife will love your recipes. We will be coming back to read more. Great work!

    • Karen

      Well, thank you Fred. Please ask your wife to leave comments on recipes that she tries and if there is something she’s wanted to prepare for you but not sure how…I will do my best to get a recipe for her.
      Thanks for your feedback,

  • Lynn Drew

    Hi Karen – Ok, I am bowled over with your site and recipes! My family and friends think I may be one of the worst cooks ever! I once tried to thaw a turkey in the dishwasher and of course that did not work. So, you get the idea. Your recipes and pictures are so appealing and down right yummy looking!
    The Insanely Delicious Chili, Sweet Potato Encrusted Grouper, and Roasted Cauliflower are on my to do list. And the Frittatas… I’ll be back! I thoroughly enjoyed your posts and writing stlye. This is really a great site.
    BLessings to you,
    Lynn Drew

    • Karen

      Hello, Lynn…Don’t feel bad about thawing your turkey in the dishwasher. The first time I prepared a turkey, I left it on the kitchen counter to thaw for several days. Needless to say, that bird didn’t make it to the oven. So then I bought a fresh turkey and cooked it without removing the bag of giblets, neck etc. Needless to say, that was a little embarrassing to serve. I love to hear and trade cooking stories…it’s how we all learn.
      I invite you to read my blog series on the best foods we should be eating and please let me know if you’d love to learn how to prepare a certain dish. I’ll do my best to get the recipe and help you find out how to prepare it.
      Thank you for your wonderful feedback, it’s greatly appreciated.

  • Marina Robinson

    Hi Karen,

    great and useful content. I am also in New England and always looking for easy tasty recipes.

    Marina in Boston.

  • CherylK

    I’ve just barely scratched the surface of all the information you have on this site but it’s great information. I’m looking forward to checking out your recipes, etc. Nice site!

    • Karen

      I’m very sorry for the delay in responding to your lovely comments…somehow I missed it. I do hope you’re enjoying my blogs and trying new recipes.

  • R-Lean

    Hi! I really love the title “Table 38”. It’s a great name for a restaurant, and I already feel welcome, and the atmosphere feels just right. Can’t wait to read more about it. I love it!

    • Karen

      Thank you for your comments…I hope you’ll come back often as this site is constantly growing with interesting Blogs, Posts and delicious recipes I know you’ll love to try.

  • Amirah

    Awesome page!! So much content!! I loved the “Honey of a Retraction” blog. Its very informative.. keep it up!

  • Hagop Margossian

    Very good page! Very good content! Keep up the good work, want to read more and more articles!

    PS: this got me really hungry 😛

  • Shannon

    Great blog! I look forward to your recipes and tricks and tips.

  • Hagop Margossian

    A lot of great information for sure! I am ready to see more and more recipes from you every day and try them out my self. Keep up the great work 🙂

  • Michael

    You are so right that sometimes it is great to have something new instead of making the same old things all the time. Look forward to more on your Site!

  • Amanda

    Nice site a lot of great information.

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